It is one thing to create a perfect outdoor, and it’s another thing to maintain it. One of the most amazing things about an ideal outdoor in any house is that not only does it make it beautiful but also attracts buyers should you wish to sell it. We at Staten Island Landscape ensure that your lawn stays fair and free from weeds and pests.  It takes skills and practice to have a well-maintained garden. Some of the best way to maintain a lawn in includes;

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Budding tulips with mulch, fertilizer and weed control.
Weed Control and Fertilizer
Garden with newly maintained shrubs with mulch and top soil.
Mulch and Top Soil
Green grass with hose watering a well-maintened lawn.
Sod, Watering / Aeration

Top Soil

This is ensuring that you have the best topsoil. We are making sure that you have the best quality of topsoil for the grass to grow. This can be achieved through proper drainage and additional drought resistance. We ensure the gardens of our clients are regularly checked to maintain consistency using the right materials.


Sod is a perfect option, especially in the significant ground such as football field and golf courses. They are suitable for a quick lawn set up. They are also outstanding in filling the patched garden.  We also sell sods to our clients and also maintain them.  

Watering / Aeration

The right amount of moisture is essential for the growth of any plant. When not adequately watered, the grass will dry up and die. This can be a significant setback. Too much water on it can do more harm than good. We usually advise our clients to avoid watering their lawn at night as this encourages fungal growth due to reduced moisture evaporation. Sometimes mulching is essential, especially in a hot environment. This helps reduce the rate of evaporation. Well-aerated soil is a sufficient water retention capacity is needed for a healthy lawn.

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Pruning and hedging involve getting rid of unwanted branches and trees. Effective pruning helps to ensure that your plants are in good health. Since pruning is a dangerous task that can leave you with injuries, it is good to hire professional landscaping services provider.  Professionals have the equipment and the skills that enable them to do an incredible job. If you realize that your trees are beginning to lose shape and form, then hiring a professional landscaping services provider will serve the trick.

Weed Control

Weeds normally prevent the grown of a lawn by competing for nutrient and air. Birds, pets and some other animals are responsible for weeds in our lawn. Weeds can be removed by hand through pulling them out, using a tool, or sometimes applying low toxicity herbicides. 


The lawn needs a sufficient amount of nutrient to flourish; this stimulates the growth of new grass and maintains a healthy growth of the old ones. The type of fertilizer will be determined by the type of grass on your lawn. The fertilizers need to apply in the right quantity to avoid fertilizer burns and environmental contamination. Using fertilizers twice is essential for the healthy growth of the grass.

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